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TWiT.TV for Windows Phone 7


This application is designed to bring all the rich content of the TWiT network to Windows Phone 7 platform. My goal was to create a powerful media hub that would not replace subscribing to TWiT using the Zune software but instead to provide a richer content discovery experience. The application can also be used to catch up on content you might have not yet synced using the Zune client, which can be very useful as the shows keep coming.

The look and feel of the application is very much "Metro", the design language behind Windows Phone 7 platform. I also take advantage of platform level Theming so based on your Light or Dark decision the application will adjust as seen in the screenshot gallery.


Published to Marketplace as of November 2010!

Have the Zune client installed? Click here to open up the TWiT app Zune Page.

Release History

Also see the full list of application reviews here from users around the world.

Features (v1.1)

The following features are available in the TWiT app:

The Hub

  • Featured Shows – Discover network shows
  • New Episodes – See a list of recently added episodes and listen / view them on the device
  • Favorites – See a list of your favorite TWiT shows (bookmarked by you)
  • History – See the history of which episodes you’ve listened to or watched
  • Shows list – View all of the TWiT network shows in one list (show cover art gallery)
  • More – Easy access to TWIT.TV website, various Twitter accounts, etc

Show Page

  • View all the recent episodes
  • Read the full show description or visit its website
  • Save a show to your “Favorites” list for easy access
  • Send feedback to the show by calling its voicemail line or sending them an email (when available)

Episode Page

  • View the episodes description
  • Listen to the MP3 of the episode (download or stream)
  • View the video for the episode in high or low quality (when available from TWiT and if your connection is strong)
  • Email an episode link to yourself or your friends (or even your enemies, heck why not right?)


note: all media was created during the Beta and has not yet been updated to reflect RTM release