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Paul Thurrott: PocketTech


I am very happy to announce the release of Paul Thurrott’s official app for Windows Phone 7 which I built for Penton Media. The app is live in the Marketplace as of Saturday and can be yours today for $1.99, simply search for “Paul Thurrott” to find it.

Note: all proceeds go to Penton Media who hired me to build this application


v1.0 Features include:

  • Read most recent articles from WinSupersite, WinSupersite Blog and Windows IT Pro
  • Read the latest posts to his Windows Phone blog
  • See Exclusive content generated for his mobile apps (interesting short-form posts and/or links, similar to Twitter)
  • Listen to his Windows Weekly Podcast from TWiT


While I don’t control this application (it is built for Penton Media) I am optimistic that its features will continue to expand in the future and I for one have many ideas.

Please send all feedback, questions and bugs to Penton directly by emailing

So if you’re a fan of Paul or simply want a great source of news around the Microsoft technology world then go buy the app from Marketplace!


Improved TWiT App Tile

My TWiT Windows Phone 7 application has a feature that many people (including myself) like which shows the shows which most recently published their new episodes in the app tile and auto updates every hour.

Today I am happy to announce a small enhancement to this Tile feature which changes how many shows it can display by double the number to four.

Here is what you should now see:
I really hope everyone likes this change and remember you can make suggestion and vote on other peoples suggestions over in the new UserVoice site I setup for the TWiT app, found here:

Thank you as always for everyone’s support.

Help make TWiT for #WP7 Better–UserVoice


While the TWiT App for Windows Phone 7 is built by one person, its feature priority truly has been in the hands of the users since the start. Thanks to numerous friend who tested the application in its early stages, my own use of the app on an almost daily basis and the emails I’ve received over the last year has all impacted what features and bugs I worked on.

Recently though I decided to setup a more formal way for people to submit feedback and after some research into my options UserVoice seems to be the best approach. So without further ado here is the official TWiT app UserVoice forum:

I look forward to see how well this works and learn even more about what features YOU the users want and what bugs drive you crazy. Your voice is heard by me and I strive to make this app better for everyone.