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TWiT v1.6 Released to Marketplace!

I am happy to announce that TWiT update v1.6 has been approved for release and is now being published in the Marketplace.

This releases fixes some issues introduced by update v1.5, below is a list of things that I fixed.

Summary of Fixes

  • Live Audio Playback Fixed: Once again Live Audio playback should work
  • Episode List Loading-time Improvements: Fixed an issue where the show episode page would load multiple times behind the scenes due to a bug causing a delay in loading the episodes list. While this does not fix all loading issues with the episodes list it should at least make things better
  • Error Information Improvements: When an error occurs and the user agrees to send me the “Exception” detail for diagnosis it will include the version number of the app; this will greatly help me debug future issues
  • Other Fixes: Behind the scenes I have fixed some other issues that could at times cause errors so the app should be more stable

Known Issues in v1.6

Unfortunately not every issues is resolved by update 1.6, there are still issues with as listed below:

  • Playing back episodes that were in-progress when you had version 1.4 or earlier installed – I cannot fix this but in the future hope to avoid it from happening again
  • The word “Calendar” is misspelled on the Live Audio panorama page – I will fix this in version v1.7
  • Episode list in the show page is still a bit slow to load and laggy to use – I will attempt to improve this in version v1.7 and really hope to fix it this time
  • Some new shows are still not correctly listed. This can even cause playback issues so I’m looking to address this in v1.7
  • Some shows names have been changed and this is not properly updated – Should be fixed in version 1.7
  • Paul Thurrott’s Twitter is not properly listed in the application – Should be fixed in version 1.7
  • A few other crashes that happen occasionally it seems though I have been unable to reproduce all of them.(please keep those error reports coming and add detail when possible)

What about a “Paid Version” without Ads?

Also I have heard “loud and clear” that people want an ad-free paid version of the app. I hope to release this soon once a few more bugs are resolved.

This has not happened yet for one simple reason; I just don’t believe in charging people for an application until I’m happy that all the core features work as expected. I do appreciate everyone’s patience on this matter and I’m working hard to get this ready for you.


Thanks again for everyone who reported issues, please continue to send me errors and feedback as I do read every email I get, though I cannot always respond personally.


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