Dmitry Lyalin's Applications for Windows Phone 7

TWiT v1.4 for WP7 released


I am happy to announce that TWiT app for Windows Phone 7 has been updated to version v1.4 having past certification. The update should be available world-wide within 24 hours.

This is a bug fix release including:

  • Live Tiles on the home screen should work again (they stopped updating in v1.3)
  • Recent Episodes list should work again (stopped working due to some unhandled data-cases in RSS feed I consume to create that list)
  • Tech Guy podcast will no longer crash when opening the episode list for this podcast
  • Pressing Pause during audio/video playback while its buffering will no longer Stop the playback, but instead actually Pause it as originally intended

Big thank you to everyone who has been reporting issues and making suggestions. This feedback is critical, so please keep it coming.

My contact info for app bugs / suggestions:

Twitter: @lyalindotcom


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