Dmitry Lyalin's Applications for Windows Phone 7

TWiT 1.3 for WP7 now available


I am happy to announce that v1.3 of the TWiT application has passed certification and should be available for everyone to update within 24 hours.

This is a minor release mostly focused on bug fixes and includes the following changes:

  • On “your TWiT” panorama tab the recently played history items data (template) has been updated with the following changes:
    • The “date” shown is now the episodes release date, not the date you played it (for consistency with other places I show a date)
    • The exact time where you stopped playback is now shown along with the total time of the episode
  • Audio / Video player fixes have been added that should allow you a better experience especially around stopping / re-starting playback
  • The settings tab now shows “on” or “off” for controlling the Live Home Tiles instead of “on/off” which was confusing

I want to also thank all our fans and the excellent reviews that have pushed this application to #3 most top rated application on the marketplace! (as recorded on 12/30/2010). More fixes and features to come in 2011!


See the most recent rating here on Bing Visual Search.


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