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TWiT 1.3 for WP7 now available


I am happy to announce that v1.3 of the TWiT application has passed certification and should be available for everyone to update within 24 hours.

This is a minor release mostly focused on bug fixes and includes the following changes:

  • On “your TWiT” panorama tab the recently played history items data (template) has been updated with the following changes:
    • The “date” shown is now the episodes release date, not the date you played it (for consistency with other places I show a date)
    • The exact time where you stopped playback is now shown along with the total time of the episode
  • Audio / Video player fixes have been added that should allow you a better experience especially around stopping / re-starting playback
  • The settings tab now shows “on” or “off” for controlling the Live Home Tiles instead of “on/off” which was confusing

I want to also thank all our fans and the excellent reviews that have pushed this application to #3 most top rated application on the marketplace! (as recorded on 12/30/2010). More fixes and features to come in 2011!


See the most recent rating here on Bing Visual Search.


TWiT 1.2 for WP7 now available


I am very happy to announce that TWiT for WP7 v1.2 is now available on the Marketplace.

note: Those getting it as an update should see it added to the updates list in the next 24 hours

Features include:

  • TWiT Live audio stream added! You can now listen to shows as they are recorded over the live audio channel (live video is still not available but I’m working on it as its not simple to do, so no ETA can be made)
  • Windows Phone Home Tiles for the application will now reflect the last two published shows (by displaying their cover-art right in the tile, see screenshot below)
  • A donation link has been added to let people know how to donate to support this application and they can do it right from their mobile phone (via PayPal, same as this link)
  • Various other misc. bug fixes

Screenshot – Live Home Tile:


What’s next:

Now that this update has made it through certification (and trust me it was not easy) I will begin to focus on my next patch that will include improved audio/video player experience, additional Twitter integration and more. Stay tuned as ill publish the details closer to the release on this blog.

Dmitry on Windows Weekly

In an on-going effort to promote the TWiT application for Windows Phone 7 I was happy to be invited on the network itself (on Windows Weekly) to discuss my application and rant a little about slates. So if you’re curious, check it out here:

Windows Weekly 188- There’ll Be No Dancing

(My interview begins around 57:00 minutes into the show)

Also Paul Thorrutt was nice enough to feature my application as the “app of the week”, see that review here.

Dmitry Lyalin’s WP7 Sample Application – Now Live!

For a longtime now I have been wanting to put together a sample application for Windows Phone 7 that will be a single place for all my sample code that can be shared with the world. Today I’m happy to announce the first step in this process as I have published this project with its first sample.

Get the source code and details here:

The first sample is all about Integrating with the Music and Video hub, key features include:

  • Create entries in the Music and Video hub categories including: New, History or Now Playing items
  • Creates the Image for Music and Video hub categories dynamically using UserControls (by passing them through WriteableBitmap)
  • Demonstrates how to capture parameters passed back from Music and Video hub when the application is resumed and how to load your "player" to resume where the user left of

Along with these features I include a list of known issues (platform limitations in v1) so be sure to go to the link and read all about it. I look forward to see people learn from this sample and hear your feedback so do post back all suggestions, corrections, etc.

TWiT App for WP7 – Statistics

I want to take a moment and publish some statistics around my TWiT Application for Windows Phone 7:

(Disclaimer: All statistics are best available to me on 12/14/2010)

  • Ranking: Ranked #177 on overall Marketplace and #22 for Entertainment category (see here)
  • Downloads: 2,907 recorded downloads on Marketplace (as of 12/9/2010 official report update)
  • Rating: Rated 4.5/5 Stars by 134 users (see here)

Overall I am very encouraged by the overall positive response I’ve received for this application and am happy to announce that Patch 1.2 has been submitted for certification. (I will publish update details once its approved and released for download)

Also as always you can also support this effort by donating, click here and Thank You all!

TWiT 1.2 almost ready!


I am happy to report that TWiT v1.2 is close to being submitted to Marketplace for approval with the following features:

  • Live audio stream playback
  • Added the first iteration of updating home screen Tiles (will now show if a major show is most recent in “new episodes” list) – More features to evolve here later
  • Added a “Donate” feature (info, link to donate page and email yourself a reminder features)
  • A few minor bug fixes

I will let everyone know when this is published to marketplace after a little bit more testing on my side and certification. I do hope to have this submitted for release in the next few business days!

Remember to send me all feedback (suggestions, bugs, etc) to

App reviews of WP7 applications


One of the things missing right now is an easy way for a developer to see a list of all the reviews for their WP7 Marketplace application(s).

Luckily a guy named Tom Verhoeff has created a tool to do this using your Application ID and rendered in Silverlight, Check it out:

Here is the review list for my TWiT app for WP7, worked great, thanks Tom!