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TWiT for WP7 v1.0 is LIVE


I am VERY happy, very proud to announce that TWiT (v1.0) for Windows Phone 7 has been published to the marketplace.

Thank you folks, for your support

Big THANK YOU to my wife, for her patience during all those lost nights and weekends I spent working on this since July

Big THANK YOU to my testers, you know who you are, your feedback was invaluable.

Big THANK YOU to the local DPE team who supported me, thank you!

Big THANK YOU to TWiT network for your support and encouragement throughout this large undertaking

Application Details

Description: “TWiT for Windows Phone 7 brings you all the networks netcast content to your mobile device in an easy to use Media Hub. Listen or watch great shows on demand such as This Week In Tech, Windows Weekly, Security Now, This Week In Google and much more (28 shows to choose from and growing)”

Zune Marketplace Link:
(You’ll need the free client on your machine to access this link)

Don’t know know what TWiT is? click here to learn all about this amazing netcast network! (Video / audio podcasts of 28 shows)

Upcoming releases

Patch v1.1 (Pending Marketplace Approval)

  • Minor bug exists in v1.0 where under certain conditions the Cache will store the wrong episodes for a show and not update from RSS feed, this has been fixed
  • Application will be moved for Entertainment category (instead of Music and Video)
  • A few other Misc. fixes

This is already submitted for marketplace approval and I hope to have it out next week (Week of 11/29).

Patch v1.2 (Tentative)

  • Adding Live audio feed!
  • More Misc. bug fixes

Bugs? Suggestions?

Please be sure to report all suggestions and issues to me by emailing


Windows Phone Toolkit R2 (November)

Microsoft’s David Anson of the Windows Phone 7 Toolkit group is proud to announce the second release of the Toolkit. This update brings with it additional controls and transition effects that will make building stunning WP7 Metro applications even easier.

New Features Summary:

  • Listpicker control
  • LongListSelector control
  • TransitionFrame
  • AutoCompleteBox