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Creating Games for WP7 – New Training Content!

Create games for Windows Phone 7

The team over at XNA is proud to announce the launch of their educational content site focused on building games for the Windows Phone 7 Platform.

Check it out here:

Part #1 of this release covers Platform topics and over the next two months more content will be published to include Performance (in October 2010) and Polish (in November 2010), so keep checking back.


Smooth Streaming support released for WP7!

I am very happy to announce that the IIS Smooth Streaming Client 1.1 has gone RTW!

This means that you can take advantage of Smooth Streaming within your WP7 applications with ease, so go download and get started!



Summary of the overview:

(see full version of the info below at link above)

The IIS Smooth Streaming Client allows you to build rich IIS Smooth Streaming experiences for both on-demand and live IIS Smooth Streaming. This release of the IIS Smooth Streaming Client 1.1 allows you to build Silverlight® players for on-demand and live Smooth Streaming, with full DVR, live ad insertion, multiple camera angles, trickplay, and other rich functionalities. This kit is intended to aid your development of rich Smooth Streaming players and experiences.

The IIS Smooth Streaming Client APIs provide an easy interface for developers and designers to create rich Smooth Streaming experiences using the Silverlight platform. These APIs provide support for simple operations such as Play, Pause, and Stop and also more complex operations such as scheduling advertisements, selecting and tracking bit rates for Smooth Streaming playback, and many more.

The IIS Smooth Streaming Client 1.1 release now includes support for Windows Phone 7. The IIS Smooth Streaming Client in this release supports these high-level features:

  • Basic playback controls:
  • Advanced playback support:
  • Support for offline playback scenarios
  • H.264/AAC support
  • Monetization 
  • Content Protection – PlayReady integration for VC-1/H.264 content
  • Composite manifest support for scenarios such as Rough Cut Editing (RCE). (Desktop Silverlight only, not available on Windows Phone)
  • Selecting tracks for playback (for example, restrict the available bit rates, support multiple camera angles in a single stream, and so on)
  • Support for progressive download ads/content. (Desktop Silverlight only, not available on Windows Phone)

Windows Phone 7 – Integration with Twitter

One of my “nice to have” features for the application is an ability to post to Twitter. Unfortunately my time is limited and I was not aware of any existing framework that would make integration with oAuth (now required for Twitter API use) and REST API’s for this purpose.

Luck for me my colleague Sam Jarawan (Microsoft) has just published some code samples on a series of blog post that describe and show how to do both of these things.

Building a ‘Real’ Windows Phone 7 Twitter App – Blog Series

(Specifically for REST integration Sam uses the open source Hammock library which has WP7 CTP version that seems to do the job well)

WP7 Sample–Create a JPG screenshot of Bing maps control


Today I saw a colleague ask an interesting question, how do you create a screenshot of a map that can be used in a list as a thumbnail? so I did some digging and came up with this sample that can be downloaded from the link below.

In summary for those who don’t want to download the sample app, most of the work is done inside of the “Take picture” button, here is the source:

// Store the size of the map control
int Width = (int)mapTest.RenderSize.Width;
int Height = (int)mapTest.RenderSize.Height;

// Write the map control to a WriteableBitmap
WriteableBitmap screenshot = new WriteableBitmap(mapTest, new TranslateTransform());
using (MemoryStream ms = new MemoryStream())
  // Save it to a memory stream
  screenshot.SaveJpeg(ms, Width, Height, 0, 100);

  // Take saved memory stream and put it back into an BitmapImage
  BitmapImage img = new BitmapImage();

  // Assign to our image control
  ImageFromMap.Width = img.PixelWidth;
  ImageFromMap.Height = img.PixelHeight;
  ImageFromMap.Source = img;

  // Cleanup

Connected Show #37 Published – Spelunking Windows Phone 7 Development


Episode #37 of my Podcast has been published! In this episode I talk a lot about WP7 development and the app with Peter Laudati (my co-host).

Enjoy the episode and do send us feedback. (Twitter is the best for comments, send to: @ConnectedShow)

Connected Show #37 – Spelunking Windows Phone 7 Development

In this episode, “guest” Dmitry Lyalin joins Peter to talk about building a real world Windows Phone 7 application. Dmitry unveils that he is developing a Windows Phone 7 application for Leo Laporte’s This Week In Tech (TWiT) network.  Dmitry walks us through the phone tool experience, how he developed the TWiT application, and the challenges he faced.

Also, Dmitry and I cover the latest Microsoft developer news, including ASP.NET security, Windows Phone Dev tools RTM, & the Internet Explorer 9 Beta.


TWiT.TV for WP7 – In the news!


I am very thrilled to see application for WP7 to be formally announced by my colleague Brandon Watson (Microsoft, Director of developer experience) during his recent interview on Windows Weekly episode 174. (They start talking about my application about 41:25 into the episode)

Leo: “This is what we want, I have to say”

I cannot ask for a better endorsement then that! Its been great to finally spread the news and to see over 1200 people watch the demo video, its just a perfect start to what I hope will be a popular and useful app.

But that’s not all, also I’d like to thank everyone else who has posted about this app, here are the posts I know of:

Thanks for reading and if you find more places where this application is listed, please send me a link via email. (my email is: my first name, dot, my last name, at my last name dot com)

Best regards,

Dmitry Lyalin

WP7 Developer Tools have gone RTW!

Today is a huge day for the Windows Phone 7 tool teams here at Microsoft, after many many months of hard work the developer tools and other related libraries are finally RTW!

Windows Phone 7 Developer Tools (VS 2010)

Scott Gu has proudly announced the WP7 tools have gone RTW and are ready for download:

I’m pleased to announce that today we shipped the final release of the Windows Phone 7 Developer Tools.  You can download them here

I am very proud of the work the team did to pull this off, the developer experience is wonderful and the emulator is priceless. Nothing in this world is perfect but I can honestly say that people will be very happy with this final update for version 1 and I look forward to what comes next.

Read Scott’s full blog post here:

Windows Phone 7 Toolkit

Next on the list this morning is the Silverlight for Windows Phone Toolkit up on CodePlex:

This includes additional controls and features such as:

  • GestureService/GestureListener
  • ContextMenu
  • DatePicker
  • TimePicker
  • ToggleSwitch
  • WrapPanel

In my own application (TWiT for WP7) I use the WrapPanel and GestureService with great results, so go download the toolkit and get started: